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How to ask a woman to sleep with you

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Do you know how to make a woman want to sleep with you? Well, there are some surefire techniques that you can use to get women to sleep with you, but there is no guarantee that you can make them want to sleep with you. It depends upon your inner game and the nature of the woman you want to sleep with. Well, if you use my techniques, there are more than 90 percent chances that you get women to sleep with you.

How to make a woman want to sleep with you?
 Make her emotionally addicted to you. Always talk about her dreams and the tough part of her life. Give your sympathy to her. Use emotional word phrases like, 'I can understand your situation', 'I can feel your pain', 'I know it's a very tough situation for you', etc. Your goal should be to win her heart. Tease her and increase your status. Teasing is the best way when it comes to building rapport. Tease her on her mistakes and make her laugh. By this way, you can become closer to her. Teasing her also displays that you are interested in she. One word of caution is you should avoid teasing her all time. Use your humor to tease her. There is also a time to be serious. Increase your value and always talk with other women. You should also flirt with them. If you want to make a woman want to sleep with you, then you need to make her feel jealous. So, let her know that you have lots of girl friends, but you are still trying to find a 'girlfriend'. Believe me, making a woman feel jealous works wonders. Once you find her feeling jealous, you can make her do what you want. Well, it is a subtle way, and you need a proper guidance from an expert in order to get her into your bed. 
How to know if a woman want to sleep with you?
It is also crucial that you should understand the signs when a woman wants to sleep with you. Here are some cues to know that she is interested in sleeping with you.
 When she talk to you, she often touches her body. She open her legs towards you. She often touch her hair when she talk to you. She tells you adult jokes. Watch her eyes and lips. Dilated eyes and moisture lips are the big cues that she wants to sleep with you. 
|How to Make a Woman Want to Sleep With You - Do You Know These Super QUICK Meet-To-Bed Tactics?
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Yes, it is completely possible to get girls into bed after mere minutes of introducing yourself. You may be skeptical, but if you read on, you can learn the tactics in doing so right away...
First of all, remember this. It would be a no-no to shower all of the attention you have to give on a single girl, regardless of how much you may like her. So, the key here would be to take full control of the group's dynamics and make them go in your favor this way: if you are out with a bunch of people, shower each girl there with the exact amount of attention. Funnily enough, whenever girls fail at getting all of the attraction that a guy has to offer for herself, she will end up battling off the other girls around her for it.
Secondly, if you want to get noticed, then put yourself in the spotlight. Keep in mind that girls in groups constantly look for leaders in a pack of guys, regardless of how ugly or how short that leader may be.
Thirdly, manipulate social situations. No matter where you choose to go, try and get girls to like you. See, if you are able to handle big groups of girls, other girls nearby will instantly believe you to be worth their time. It wouldn't even matter what the girls you are with look like or what your relationship is to them; what matters is quantity over quality! (This doesn't mean that you should opt for butt-ugly girls covered in body hair or anything, though, okay?)
With the three tactics mentioned above, you are sure to increase your chances of female seduction. If you want more deadly powers of seduction, you should also try out some mind control tactics for even faster results in seduction.

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