Monday, 11 April 2016

How to attract any girl that you want

Attracting woman or any person one need to understand the deep psychological nature of attraction. The biggest secret is we all get attracted by association , that why we pick nice diner at restaurant dress nice , smell nice, and try to look nice. But this is one time deal! If you want to rally attract woman you must show more than one time association. That why we bring chocolate to woman and try to be nice.
Just take a look for example commercials how they present there product and people buy it almost subconsciously , for example good commercials they shift the focus into good thinks and feelings like summer the beach the young girls and so on and on ... but never on the product, so the product is the one that slipped from the back door of the mind, so next time when user see the product will immediately associate with good feeling. The same thing works with women. Try to find some good feeling that will remind her for the good times. Here is a good time to mention if you have some special skills you  must consider using it. Yes no one said is easy or will work instantly one must put an effort to it, but the secret here is to not let the other side see your effort , must be natural and flawless.If you don't have any extra skills is time to work one some. Good skill will  be if u learn some musical instrument for example , guitar is the easy and most available except whistle with your mouth. Why guitar , common knowledge is that guitar is consider  as most romantic musical instrument. Just check all romantic movies ... Now for most girls guy with guitar is consider hot.
Trust me if you can get some lessons do it! Will be worth it.

Before approaching any women first you must be aware of there emotional state and to tray to participate so called mirror there emotional state. For example if girl is emotional and you try to make a happy with some flat jokes I guarantee you this will not work you must assess what make her tick and this is the most difficult part of this game. Is not a good idea to try to get her out of her comfort zone , especially when she don't know you. We leaving in world that people don't trust each other any more, so in order to get close to her you must be natural and must not try to test her level of tolerance cause will not work.Good think will be if you can involve her in some natural conversation , considering her interest. For example if in book store try to express some opinion about book but not directly involve her , she must be closed to here and let her participate, if not you must ask her about her opinion, after while but only if you see she show some interest in you opinion or action. This is so called capture her first attention. Be creative like express funny opinion but never involve her directly , and never make a fun of someone around you cause will look like a loser try to gain some attention.
Later on and I mean later on when you know her and level of trust has been establish you can test her level of tolerance but not before that.
 Now let me ask you something and this is important to understand. Did you ever been in night club and try to dance and nothing happens. Now next time when you go there try to dance but this time to mimic dancing moves on some girl and slowly move towards her , and if you not copy her or try to imitate her (this immediately will put her off) , she will be come friendly towards you and show her interest like smile at you or look at you more often.

Before you begin a real practice one must be mentally prepared. This require from your side to mentally visualize the way you move the way you behave . Play different scenarios over and over ,
for example in the park "walking the dogs", at cinema, in the book store and so on and on...
This will create mental rapport in your brain so next time will act instead of think how to act.
This will ensure you natural behavior.

Important before approaching someone is to know there sate of mind or have some educated guess. Whatever you do try to be friendly and understandable.
Try to be everything about her not you. This is very important for you success if you are the guy that likes your own voice try to change it.

Points to remember:

  • You body language must be open and friendly. If you don't know what this is check some of the tv commercial especially selling of gym equipment and body products
  • try to involve her into your "self-talk" about product or anything else depend on situation where you at.
  • try to get not "ask" her opinion if you see she show interest on you actions.
  • do not take her out of her comfort zone yet  

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