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Powerful seduction tips: From attraction to seduction

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To meat women and become successful with them one must learn how they think and to start thinking like them and adopt psychological pattern that make u desirable and trustworthy to women.

  • Most guys fail in this department for a simple reason that they react and behave in a way that they think is the best possible .way for them - wrong , wrong , wrong. Fail this first step and you will get no where.

Did you know how you get your last girlfriend ? If you do you are master you should skip this article. If you don't keep reading. ...

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How we react to attraction:
Men: see her across the lounge, curvy figure, attractive smile you wish to be directed to you, slow turn around , shake her head and you are hooked.

Next women come along and your hooked again
Women: what he wear, what he is driving , how he is moving, how other people interact with him and how he is interacting with them.
Full intelligence and surveillance study.

now one have a say if you want to win her win the crowd first. If people like you the game is yours. Now back to her, she have more methodical approach to attraction. Now when men and women get into relationship based on attraction , she knows how she get there , he don't. And she knows also that for the man is more difficult to break up cause he don't know how he get there in a first place.

  • Study her. On what she react.
  • Make her feel comfortable.
What attractive woman is selling you is a fantasy .
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What you should sell her is security and comfort or put in other word reliability availability and scalability

Change your dress. Find out what kind of color and shape is good for u figure and facial futures, but don't over do it. I found out that green and blue is matching my body and facial futures.
Win the crowd and you will win the game. To suggest something always use indirect third person approach. This means that other people must tell her that you are nice guy. In this case you can not make other people talk to her about you. But you can in gauge people around her even strangers in conversation to show off your social skills . Don't worry she observe and you will become desirable.
Approach her with lite conversation. Like almost talking to yourself.
Make a comment about product , situation or object but never a person cause bulling others will make you weak
How to develop your social skills .....
To be able to in gauge strangers in conversation to keep conversation and to maintain level of interest.
Size people what they may be interested.
Go to bars alone speak with people bartenders and so on ....

If you have any suggestions please drop a comment .... 

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