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Powerful seduction tips

How to become more irresistible for women



            There are man who can attract beautiful women easy with no effort at all.
There are man who consider to be a "chick magnets". But if you are not very rich,
movie star, rock star or famous you need to work for your meal. Every guy who
don't fall into one of the above category need set of skills to be successful with women.

Seduction is a skill, and this skill can be thought, but to master it you need to practice.
No one yet learn to drive car only by reading the book of how to drive a car, you need a practice.
Whatever you learn from the book you need to transfer to your subconscious brain to
 turn into reaction not action.Small difference with huge impact.
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         Action is activity based on your conscious reaction is not. Reaction is faster then action.
Practice make transform your action to reaction.Whatever u go be prepared.
If you go to local pub or to night club , I believe you prepare yourself, like you shave,
make your hair, dress for the occasion, spend time front of the mirror looking for you own approval.
The same you must do mentally. Mental preparation is important. Not let move to our practical part.
Get a pen and paper. This is sound trivial and cliche but it is important
.Not a phone, or dairy or calendar or any other gizmos on your phone but pan and paper
.Let me try to explain why.For you logic or your conscious is not important and boring action
I believe, but for your subconscious it is a dedication for learning powerful seduction techniques
. Make a list of the thinks that you feel uncomfortable around beautiful women.
 For example
"1.Can not look her in her eyes." or/and
"2.when speak to her I cannot look her in her yes." or/and
"3. I cannot speak to her." and so on and on.
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Now on the next paper turn all this to positive actions, for example
"1.Any time when I see attractive woman I will look her in her yes at least for three seconds".
Now when you're in front of the mirror before you go night out, when you shave or
calm your hair or check your dress repeat over and over the positive action that you rote
and you want to enforce. Any time when you see attractive woman try to enforce this action.
If you scared of confrontation from the beginning try to catch the ayes of the women on the
moving bus, you are not in it, this will builds a confidence for the first step, that you will take to
your journey to become a
powerful seducer
powerful seduction tips

When you confidence build up, you will start notice that, women also keep there eyes on you.
You will start notice their reaction and so on.Repeat this any time when you go out of your house,
 till you build your confidence.When you feel comfortable that you conquer your fear move to
 next one on the list. If you follow this advise most of the guys will conquer there fear for a
week or two.It is important that must dealwith a single fear at the time. The problem is the
most of the people think that confidence is a something that you are born with.Guess
what is not. Is a skill that can be thought as all other set of skills to become a
Powerful seducer

 The problem is that confidence is not a single skill it is a set of skill it is a package and will take a time before you have it but if you follow the advise, you will become confident and the women will be irresistible to your
seduction skills

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