Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How to get a girlfriend and become seduction expert

The style of successful seducer

Last night I was at the local bar for a quick drink. I was sitting on the bar
drinking beer when my eye caught a guy across the bar who seems to
know every possible girl in this bar.

noughty girlfrined

He complementing them, make them laugh and become immediately
friendly with them. Slowly I start to observe his action and I was mesmerized
by his flawless techniques to impress women.

I had the feeling that he wasn’t the guest he was the owner, he feel at home,
 like he was the organizer of the party. The way that he operate was so
smooth that every one instantly become mesmerized by him. There’s something
about the way he position himself, as though he’s proclaiming the space he occupying .
And when he glance around you get the impression of some one who is ‘surveying’
his territory. The way he was doing it was very nice and smooth. He did it in the
way like good and friendly host that try to please you (women I mean).
Any time when woman approach his territory he’s invited her in his territory and
try to show her around and entertain her as much as possible.
The light bulb start flashing and finally

I manage to see something that was second nature to him. To attract women one
must occupy space and proclaim there territory or parameter without
be aggressive or show aggression in any way. The women like the man
who knows his place ,but as long as she see aggression in your eyes
or gesture she will run away.

Imagine your self like you hosting party at your house. Invite her to your own space.
Create comfort zone around her . If your in the bar try to help her let her order
before you, or call bartender ask what she will order.

how to get a girlfriend like this

Start a guessing game like – ‘Let me guess what you drink. You look more
like whiskey … or brandy or … drink girl’ and so on.
Try to break the trust barrier. Women go 'on night out' to be seen and admired or/ and
meet new people. Don’t be shy to show her that you appreciate her look.
The main reason that most of the guys, fails of get a girlfriend , or start
relationship or just have a good night out is because , they go out for the
wrong reason, or better sad with wrong mind set.

 Most of the guys going out looking for sex or find a girlfriend.
If you want to get the girl you should:
      - Claim your territory
       - Make you territory most fun place
        - Start a friendship to be developed into relationship.

Girl will not have a sex with you if she don’t trust you.
This is women cave brain talking – survival instinct.
But in other hand do not extend the friendship game cause she will take you as a friend.
There is very thin line when to move to the next seduction phase of your game.

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