Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Win an old girlfriend back

  •     Leave her alone. Give her some time to think about the relationship. If the time spend together was great, she'll misses you and will try to get back to you. When you meet her, do not be demeaning of any kind.She must feel free and comfortable around you.  You need to be (or at least seem)  in control of your life, projecting confidence - with or without her.She left cause of too much attention.
  •     Recover emotionally. You don't have a chance of getting your ex back if you're not emotionally calm and controlled. Women dislike men that are desperate and needy, begging for attention.She must give you attention, not ask for it.
  •  So you need to get your life in order before attempting to draw her back into it.Be calm and collected about the whole situation, and revisit your life. Going to the gym , outdoor activities, activities involved other people will make you feel better too. If you crying over her - won't help you - she will run far
  •     Build up confidence. The best way to build up confidence is to model a person (real or imaginary) who you consider to be confident. Observe how they act (actions, emotions, speech, etc) and try to replicate it or mimic there actions . If you keep it up, your confidence will rise and people will start to notice you  - fake it till you make it at its best.
  •     Be well-groomed.  Put extra effort to maintain clean skin, well groomed hair.Facial future are very important to the woman .Try to maintain current fashion trend.Update your wardrobe every couple of months .If you can consult proportional, about your clothes.
  •     Change yourself . That why she left in a first place.Change something like clothes, hair style,beard style.Consult specialist on what is best for you (clothes, hair style,perfume and so on...). Try to make impression on others - most likely will impress her too. Do you have some gesture or behavior that irritated her? - If yes , try to kick the habit.
  •  Impress her friends . Make her best friend your best friend.


  1. Thank you for spending some time and sharing this information with all of us. It was in fact very useful and insightful while being straight forward and to the point.

  2. If you intentionally want to do it and have her back, then you have do it seriously and give her enough time to recover as well as to think over and over again. Don't make mistakes again!