Friday, 3 August 2012

Tips for Speed Seduction, Flirting, and Dating

If you're having trouble dating (and we could all use some help with dating), here are some speed seduction techniques that will put you on the path to becoming a pick-up artist. Learn the basics to flirting, dating, and seducing anyone you desire:
Establish Rapport and Interest
Pick-up artists understand that most of our communication is established through body language. As you mirror someone's body language, it will be subconsciously picked up (by the other person) that you have the same internal state (emotions, beliefs, ideas, patterns).
Remember, this is not an exercise in mimicry. Do not repeat their gestures and body language exactly, but close enough so that he/she can subconsciously pick it up.
The pick-up artist will remember which gestures express specific internal states and will mirror them to increase the subject's level of comfort and sexual excitement.
--Maintain Eye Contact
Eye contact shows interest and confidence. It is a key element in flirtation. You don't have to stare the person down, but make sure that they know you're there. It communicates that you're not too afraid or weak to be dating them. The general rule is to make as much eye contact as your date or pick-up is comfortable with.
The pick-up artist lives by the 3 second rule. If you make eye contact across a room, make sure to approach and begin flirting within 3 seconds. If you think too much about the approach, then you've probably already failed.
The pickup artist trusts his instincts and acts on them.
--Establish Authority In Their World
In the art of speed seduction, it's important to let the other person know that you recognize and understand their internal and external world. If they bring up a subject of their interest, then show them that you're knowledgeable about that subject. Help them discover and explore their internal world, as well.
Be perceptive. If you notice that they're feeling a certain way (by their body language) then perhaps you can preface a sentence with "I know you're feeling _____, and wouldn't it be nice to feel ____ again. Have you ever felt so _____ that you just wanted to ______...." You can shift the conversation toward whatever subject, mood, or image you want (and watch his/her "state" change).
The master pickup artist will take their date or pick-up through a series of dynamic state changes in one speed seduction session.
--Elicit Their Values
Causing the subject to qualify themselves (example: "What are your best three qualities, besides your beauty?") has major effects in the speed seduction process:
1. It shows the subject that you are interested in more than their physical appearance
2. Demonstrating that their physical beauty does not control you, but that you are in control of yourself.
3. Weeding out people that only rely on their physical beauty to get what they want (have no personality)
4. Displaying higher social value
5. Causing your date to become more submissive
6. Increasing your date's "buying temperature" (their level of sexual excitement)
7. Forcing them to flirt with you more, using their strongest asset (usually their physical beauty) to impress you and keep your attention
--Elicit Their Map of Internal Experience
When the pickup artist asks about their date's (most intense) experiences, the person will give away their keywords to recall the experiences. These keywords are linked to their physical and emotional states.
The pickup artist links those states to himself by describing his own experiences with his date's keywords.
Pickup artists use these keywords (in combination with touch) to escalate the subject's state, sexual excitement, and "buying temperature."
Displaying Higher Social Value
There are several techniques in speed seduction to display social value, but the important thing is to make sure that you don't come off as bragging or arrogant. Keep a humorous attitude (known as Cocky and Funny).
--False Time Constraint
Essentially, let the person know that you're busy, have several other options, and don't have much time to be with them. "My friends and I were going to hit the ____ bar in a bit, but I thought I'd take some time to chat up some beautiful people until ____ ". This will bring your date's automatic guard down.
--Maintain a Relaxed Posture
It is important to control and be aware of your body language when dating and seducing. You've seen those movies where beautiful people enter the room and everything goes slow motion. As you walk, move in a relaxed and slow gait.
Remember this attitude: you have nowhere special to be, except for where you are, because that is where everything happens anyway.
--Use Negs and Takeaways
In the gaming / speed seduction circle, "negs" are when dating or picking up a person who is numbed to being hit on. When seducing a very beautiful or high status date, employ this technique.
A "neg" is NOT an insult; it is a backhanded compliment. It could even imply (and usually does) that you have little sexual interest your date. This raises your own social status and drops theirs at the same time. Only use a neg on dates and pickups that have higher status than you. Two or three should be enough.
The pickup artist uses negs to even the playing field, display social value, establish control, and distinguish himself from AFCs.
Takeaways are when you offer something up, and just as your date becomes interested in more, you subtly take it away. This kind of teasing will really heat up your dating experience. Make sure you leave your date wanting more, because they'll flirt harder to get it.
Kino is speed seduction lingo for kinesthetic (touch or physical). Touching is extremely important in flirting and dating.
The pickup artist touches with broad, brushing motions, rather than pointed, jabby ones. If your date is resistant, touch areas that are rarely touched in a sexual way. Your date will have no negatives experience attached to those areas of their body.
The pickup artist always uses kino when their date is in a positive state. This is called "anchoring." Activate this anchor throughout the date to recall that positive emotion simply by touching them in the same way.
Always Be Closing. In the art of speed seduction, if you're not moving for your next objective (escalating), then you're being left behind. If you're thinking "should I ____", then you're too late.
Do it already! It might feel awkward the first few times (and trust me, they can sense it), but the more practice you have, the smoother you'll be. At that point, they'll have no choice but to share the experience with you.
Remember: Two steps forward, One step back
Keep these speed seduction basics in mind, and I guarantee you that the art of seducing, flirting with, and dating a potential mate will be much easier. Once you master these dating techniques, nothing can hold you back. You'll be dating people that you used to be afraid to talk to, much less flirt with. Remember, the knowledge of speed seduction is shared, but the karma is yours.

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