Sunday, 5 August 2012

Powerful seduction tips

  •     Seducing a woman is like dancing with a her. It is all about rhythm.You have to synchronize your mood and feelings with hers. Make her feel that she is need it, comfort her but don't over do it cause she will run  away.

  •   Don't be afraid to apologize quickly and sincerely if you do something wrong. Respect her side of the story with a charming, open-minded ease. Do not try to be more clever then her.Women like empathy and comforting from men they are interested in.
  •     Reveal yourself slowly and only when directly asked. Try to keep some mystery around you as long as you can . When the mystery is gone, the seduction is over.
  •     Empathy is essential to seduction. Every woman is different, some like to be mother figure, some like to be take care of,so adjust your attitude and action to that specific woman. You must figure out based on her action and behavior  what she is thinking before you can offer her the pleasure she craves.
  •     If she suspect that you are seducing her, she will run away.The woman don't like to be played. The pace of your seduction should be slow and the volume should be quiet.
  •     Study the biographies, writings and speeches of the world's greatest seducers: Erroll Flynn, Casanova, Lord Byron, Charles de Gaulle, Gabriele D'Annunzio, etc.

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