Monday, 6 August 2012

How to get what you want in life

  • Build Confidence. This is the #1 thing you have to remember while seducing a woman. Women are attracted to confidence as much as you are attracted to their ass! Be a super-confident guy. But don't become cocky! It will not attract them, but will do the opposite.

  • Develop the skill of manipulation. There is only one thing by which you can manipulate people, and i.e. TRUST! If someone trusts you, you can easily make him do whatever you want. But be careful, don't break the trust of somebody who seriously loves you. It will hurt them.

  • Have a classy Wardrobe. Although, looks do not matter that much. But they certainly do matter if you are in the game of seduction. Be stylish and wear neat & clean clothes.
  • Have some nice shoes. When women check guys out, they do look at shoes. If you are wearing a 5-year-old pair of shoes, you know how many women will be impressed by you. But if you polish your shoes everyday, and give them a shiny look, women will love you just for it. Believe me!

  • Cologne - Use a perfume that has a refreshing smell. Spray some behind your ears, at your wrists and at your chest.
  • Learn how to flirt. You can't just dress and be proper and expect women to fall for you! After doing all the above steps, visit a nearby club. Look for a woman of your interest there. Walk up to her and flirt with her. If she rejects you, she has missed a great guy! Then walk up to another woman, and do the same, until you find one falling in your love.

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